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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

$350 plus any options you add from our Upgrades page. All off site events beyond a 30 mile distance from the Conservatory in Acworth will be price quoted based on travel required and any other special considerations.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

For events at any of the three Waterstone venues, no deposit is required. For any other location a 50% deposit is required with the remaining balance due before the date of the event.

What payment methods do you accept?

For Waterstone venues, all billings and payments are made thru Waterstone Events as a part of your contract with Waterstone. For all other event locations, we will bill you direct. We accept all major credit or debit cards online. Send us (as an email attachment or as a fax) your Contract that you have filled out with any Upgrades you have added. We will prepare your invoice and send it to you via email. The invoice will include a link where you can make a secure online payment and complete your transaction.  All payments are processed thru PayPal using the highest state of the art encryption and security.

What if I need to cancel or change dates?

We allow a one time date change with 3 months notice prior to the event (provided the new date is available). For cancellations 3 months out or longer we will return 100% of your deposit. For events scheduled within 3 months of cancellation we will return 50% of your deposit. Please refer to your Contract.

Does your photo booth come with an attendant?

Yes, our photo booths are operated by a professional photo booth attendant and are maintained throughout the duration of your event.

Do you charge extra to setup the photo booth?

No, setup and removal of the photo booth is included and does not count toward your rental time.

Are your photo booths just for weddings?

Our photo booth is perfect for all kinds of events. Having a photo of your guest with brand messaging and your logo on it is a great way to make an impression for product launches, corporate parties, charity events, and so much more. 

What print layout options do I have?

The photo booth develops two 2x6 inch photo strips for each guest per photo session. Other sizes are available by special request with an added charge. Bigger layouts are available at an additional cost.

Will the photos fade or degrade over time?

No, all of our photos are printed with a dye sublimation print process that is guaranteed to last for 100 years. They will not fade or degrade with normal display and use. 

Do we get a digital copy of all of our photos?

All photos taken during your event will be digitally captured and can be delivered to you on a USB flash drive at the end of the event. See the Upgrades page.

Can we add some text or a logo to the prints?

Yes, we offer custom design options for all of our layouts. We can add designs, logos, and text to all prints that come from our photo booth. See the Upgrades page.

Do we get unlimited photo sessions?

Yes, you will get unlimited photo booth sessions for the allotted time of your event. 

Do you offer props for the photo booth?

Yes, all of our photo booths come with our selection of props included as part of the package. And if you have something special or a theme, you can also bring your own props too.

What are the requirements on the venue?

We will need power to be supplied within 25 feet of the booth (must be a grounded 3 prong 120V outlet) and to be placed on a hard level surface. The photo booth must have sufficient space to allow room for the booth itself, props, the attendant, and any additional upgrade options purchased. We will discuss this further with you and your venue to ensure things go smoothly on the day of your event. 

How much space does photo booth require?

The photo booth uses about a 4x8 foot area to operate. Plus some space for guests to move in and out of the booth and be able to access the props. 

Can the photo booth be setup outdoors?

Yes, but we recommend that the photo booth be under a cover for better photos. We reserve the right to move the booth inside or to a covered area if faced with the threat of rain or other poor weather.